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23 August 2014


Lassie – 2005

However you want to call it , a classic animal movie, or an epic animal movie, Lassie has quite a history and the public of all ages knows the story behind the movie.

The 2005 family film was made in Scotland and offered the public a newer version of the old Lassie stories that we were used to in the late 1950’s and beyond, where the collie had a life full of adventure around his family and friends.

This British-American version was based like the TV series on the 1940 novel “Lassie Come-Home”.

Being the 11th movie with the same main actor, the collie Lassie, it received a poor critic review.

With a 6.7 score on IMDb the movie has different reviews from the public, being considered one of the best family movies, where the main character is a trained animal.

The story is centered around the collie who is sold from its family and its desperate attempts to come back to its original and loving owner Joe, transforming the movie into an adventure one where Lassie has to take a long and dangerous trip to come back to the little kid.

Nominated for several people choice awards in Ireland the movie represents the kind of story you could watch in a cozy warm blanket on a winter day with your little son or daughter, but also by yourself to remember the old TV series.

Best Animal Movies | Top 10
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