10 Best Beaches in Africa

2 July 2015

5Legzira Beach, Sidi Ifni, Morocco

One of the best beaches in Africa, Legzira Beach is located in Sidi Ifni, a city on southwest Morocco.

The city has a population of 20.000 people and, in 2000, a fishing port was concluded, serving as a base for fish exports.

The beach is truly one of a kind. Located between Sidi Ifni and Mirleft, the 8 km-long stretch is rocky and windy.

As you already figured it out, Legzira was formed after many years of erosion, and now these imposing, sedimentary rocks provide a strong, yet calm feeling.

Reviews: ‘We loved this place a lot! It was one of the reasons we wanted to travel south in morocco, as we had seen many pictures of those other worldly arches but actually being there is another thing entirely!

To really enjoy your experience you just have to plan in advance and maybe ask the locals about the tides. We didn’t really think about that and so on our way back the waves already reached the arches. We got away with wet feet but I imagine it can be dangerous to be closed in between the two arches on high tide.’

Best Beaches in Africa | Legzira Beach
Legzira Beach via legzirabeachclub.com
Best Beaches in Africa | Legzira Beach
Legzira Beach via oceanindependence.com
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