Best Beers of World Cup | Top 10

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Best Beers of World Cup | Top 10

In today’s article we will present you the 10 best beers of World Cup.

The idea came when we were thinking about the World Cup. Football comes hand in hand in beer.
It just doesn’t feel right if you don’t drink a beer while watching a football game.

And it’s World Cup time, so we combined these 2 and the result : 10 best beers produced by 10 of the countries which are now fighting on the field to win the World Cup.

10Krombacher Pils – Germany

We begin our top 10 of the best beers of World Cup with one of the most consumed beers produced in Germany, the Krombacher Pils.
The company Krombacher Brauereif ranks #2 among Germany’s best selling breweries.

Founded on February 4, 1803, by Johannes Haas, this brewery produces the most consumed Pilsener┬áin Germany, and that’s the Krombacher Pils.

And there’s also a beer made for the ladies, the Krombacher Radler, which is a mixture of 50% lemonade and 50% Krombacher Pils.
This famous beer is exported to 48 countries worldwide. So just grab one, and enjoy the games!

Best Beers of World Cup  Top 10 10. Krombacher Pils - Germany
Best Beers of World Cup Top 10 10. Krombacher Pils – Germany

How about the best beer in Belgium? Check out Leffe, one cool beer we had the pleasure to to enjoy.

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