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3 July 2014

Best Brain Foods | Healthy Living

Are you wondering which are the best brain foods out there?

We have the answer! Being surrounded by so many fast-food kind of meals, we always forget about the healthy things we have to eat.

And more importantly, we often focus on dieting or even worse, on fasting, not thinking about our brain. The fat might go away, but the brain is still there, not getting the nutrients it needs.

So today we are presenting you the best foods for the brain, that, on a long term, will most definitely help you.

Let’s have a look!


We start out best brain foods journey with sage, which is a perennial evergreen sub shrub. The plants has gray-ish leaves, and blue to purple flowers.

Ok, enough with the “serious” talk, and let’s get to the brain-helping part. Sage has a good reputation for improving memory and even though studies are focusing on the sage essential oil, the plant helps as well.

So why don’t you try to include sage into your daily diet?

Best Brain Foods Healthy Living

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