Best Cameron Diaz Movies | Top 10

27 August 2014


In Her Shoes – 2005

Critics considered it a movie to cherish and other reviews gave it the thumbs up because its wonderful story.

This is number 9 a movie in which Cameron Diaz plays along Toni Collette and both are two sisters who don’t have the perfect relationship but everything is going on another path when they both find out that they have a grandmother they never knew existed.

Depicting the relationship that evolves around two different sisters and the problems that occur because of their mother’s absence, the movie has a positive critical review.

With a score of 6.5 and a perfectly acted role by both Diaz and Collette the movie is an outstanding celebration of the thing that could go wrong when two sisters have different characters and are opposite one to each other.

Cameron Diaz is the dyslexic sister who manages to control very well her sense of reading people and has the ability to manipulate everyone she can get her hands on.

Best Cameron Diaz Movies | Top 10
In Her Shoes Movie Poster

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