Best Celebrity Designer Collaborations Of 2014

23 November 2014

Best Celebrity Designer Collaborations Of 2014 | Top 10

The celebrity world seems like it can work in any domain and the most preferred of them all is the fashion world, that’s why we would like to show you the best celebrity designer collaborations of 2014.

So guys picture your favorite star with sawing equipment and an idea, then give it a designer brand and the rest is like success with a recipe.

No wonder that most of them like to interfere in the fashion world because some of them create and put some work in things that are used or matter.

In the following we will see which celebrities are collaborating with designer labels, what are they collaborated on in 2014 and what is the result.

10. Ryan Seacrest and Macy’s

The first notable collaboration we would like to present is the one between Ryan Seacrest and Macy’s the high-end retailer.

For the famous host of major events and parties, being in a suit is like me and you wear our outfit work close, is like the jumpsuit of construction workers.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the guys are tired of the suits, the opposite because he launched himself into the world of fashion and in September he got in Macy’s stores.

The man turned it’s apparel into a brand and gave the public the chance to buy in store a pretty affordable line of suits accessories shirts and ties who have a price range of almost 600 dollars.

So guys, you know the guy, you have seen him in action in a lot of major red carpet awards, now it’s time to give him some respect and just have confidence that the suits line is favorable to the public.

Anyway the style he wanted for the collection, is smart, based on color matching and uses some kind of system so that you can match several things in different styles.

#10 Ryan Seacrest and Macy's | Best Celebrity Designer Collaborations Of 2014 | Top 10 | Image Source: google.com
#10 Ryan Seacrest and Macy’s | Best Celebrity Designer Collaborations Of 2014 | Top 10 | Image Source: google.com
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