Best Chefs In The UK | Top 10

2 August 2014

Best Chefs In The UK | Top 10

Great Britain has a lot of amazing things to offer, and today we are talking about the best chefs in the UK.

Many of them started doing something completely different in college, before deciding they like the culinary side of life better. Quite a lot of them have had no formal training, no top schools attended, and yet, here they are on the top chefs in the UK list.

How they managed to do that? With a lot of hard work and determination, of course.

So let’s have a look at these amazing chefs that are Britain’s top chefs!

10.Atul Kochhar

We start our list with Atul Kochhar.

The Indian chef is currently based in the UK, where he started working as a chef, before opening his first restaurant.

His new Indian cuisine made Kochhar to be considered the best Indian chef in UK, and the first Indian Michelin star chef. His first restaurant, Benares was opened in 2007.

The chef is a television personality as well, appearing in shows such as Great Britain Menu and Masterchef Goes Large. 

Best Chefs In The UK - Atul Kochhar
Best Chefs In The UK – Atul Kochhar
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