10 Best Chocolatiers in the World

6 July 2015

9Richart – Paris, France

We continue our top 10 list with Richart.

French chocolate maker Richart has won the ‘Ruban Bleu’, France’s most prestigious confectioner’s honor, several times.

Richart chocolate boutiques are the best places where you’ll find French macarons and gourmet chocolate, such as: ‘French Pates de Fruits'( with 5 different flavors), ‘Infuzzz Chocolates’, ‘Dark Chocolate Bars’ ‘The Chocolate Vault’, ‘Nut-Free Indulgences’ and ‘Spread The Love!’ (which are mini heart-shaped chocolates filled with salted-butter caramel and dark chocolate praline).

A box of assorted chocolates definitely looks visually stunning.
If you want to impress your loved one, then the $850 burlwood vault with 7 drawers of chocolate is the best way to do it.

Review: ‘As a life long chocoholic and lecturer at chocolate awareness educational seminars and chocolate tasting sessions around the world, I have had the privilege of sampling a broad spectrum of product from leading manufacturers and chocolatiers.

None, however, approaches the artistry, elegance, complexity, originality and sheer perfection of taste as do the chocolates created by Michel Richart.

Each of his offerings presents a different sensation to the palette … spicy, sweet, bitter, pungent. I especially recommend Richart’s Salted Butter Caramel Coulis. It’s an over-the-top chocolate experience that lingers and lasts on the palette and in the mind.’

Best Chocolatiers in the World | Richart
Richart via caitlincooks.com
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