Best Clubs in Las Vegas | Top 10

13 July 2014

Best Clubs in Las Vegas | Top 10

The night life of Vegas is one of the costliest of all and brings people from all over the world, that’s why we will show you the best clubs in Las Vegas, a top with some of the greatest clubs in the world.

If you are in Las Vegas, already booked a room and don’t know what to do with the rest of your evening, you have to go and party in one of the city’s clubs.

Known for an extravagant nightlife, Las Vegas offers a large variety of clubs, and those who don’t know where to go, we will make your decision easier.

These places have been selected to be the best places to go in Las Vegas. So they are the perfect mixture between style, luxury, fun, famous people and the best environment for a night to remember.

But what is so special about these clubs? The thing that makes them the best clubs in Las Vegas is that they are unique, they offer high-class services, they throw the best parties, they have celebrity guest and last but not least they make millions of dollars every year.

Let’s explore the club life of Vegas and see how the night life here greets the customer.->

10. The Body English Nightclub

The first club to open the list of the best clubs in Las Vegas is the Body English Nightclub located inside the Hard Rock Hotel, a club reopened for to the public because of the underground demand.

The design made by Kelly Wearstler, offers two bars on two different levels and a big number of VIP booths and a large dance floor open and available even for after hours.

The stylish expensive and luxurious nightclub offers the crowd a hip-hop combined music experience,  with local and famous Dj’s and some great service.

The secret VIP room has a beautiful view of the dance floor through a mirrored glass and the Baccarat chandeliers combined with the lights and the crowd will make you want to come back and dance all night, being surrounded by some famous and rich people.

No worries towards the 250.000$ chandeliers and the lavish leather posted on rich dark woods who complete the style of the club because, the “English rock star living room”, how the owners call it, make over 10 million a year.

Best Clubs in Las Vegas | Top 10
Body English, Hard Rock Hotel
Best Clubs in Las Vegas | Top 10
Body English, Hard Rock Hotel

The next club has a New York vibe->


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