Best Designer Bi-fold Wallets for Men | Top 10

21 September 2014

Best Designer Bi-fold Wallets for Men | Top 10

Forget about your boring wallet that makes a mess out of your essentials and take a look at the Best Designer Bi-Fold Wallets for Men!

These are not your regular wallets, they are simply the best of best and they do their job while looking like an object d’art!

Some include innovative designs that help make your outfits look impeccable while others also assure great quality.

Simplicity is always the best choice but that doesn’t mean we can’t spice things up a bit with some additional golden chains or maybe a provocative designs that not many would dare to have on their wallets!

However, when it comes to holding your credit cards or even folding your bills perfectly these might come in handy and are easy to carry around in your pockets!

10.Comme Des Garcons Half-Zip Embossed-Leather Wallet – $165

Comme des Garcons is a Japanese fashion company which was founded in 1969 and has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

The company makes apparel, accessories and perfumes.

This is one fancy way of stopping your change from rattling around in your pockets, don’t you think?

The Comme Des Garcons Wallet is a fine luxury wallet crafted from the best burgundy leather.

Although the wallet screams “Simplicity” that’s all to adore about it. It inspires a classy look with its subtle diamond design and finished off with gold-tone hardware.

As you open the classy wallet you will notice a center-dividing slip pocket at interior.

10.Best Designer Bi-fold Wallets for Men | Top 10
10.Best Designer Bi-fold Wallets for Men | Top 10
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