15 Best Gift Ideas for Modern Men & Women

29 November 2017

15 Best Holiday Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Hello Aluxers, it’s that magical time of the year where you open up your wallet in order to make those around you happy, if only for a short period of time.

We think most people could use some guidance with the type of gifts they can offer this holiday seasons, because we remember how hard it was to pick something that would really be useful and well received.

Forget about buying socks, sweaters, ties and that perfume with shower gel set you usually go for.

In this article we’ll make sure to list the things your loved ones would love to receive.

The goal with this post is to gift things or experiences that would really impact in a positive way the receiver, not just to check him or her off your list.

You don’t necessarily need to spend more than you’d normally would on a gift, but if your budget allows it, with just a 10 or 20% increase in your budget you can dramatically increase the quality of your gift making it a lot more relevant and memorable.

But at the end of the day, you just need to make the best possible gifts according to what you can afford.

Something we feel like we should mention before the video begins is that: we’re not sponsored by any of the brands or products we’ll be showing in this video, it’s just want we, at Alux think are awesome gifts and put them together in a list.

With that out of the way, let’s do down the 15 Best Holiday Gifts from an Aluxer perspective

1: A quality Bathrobe – Between $40 and $240 dollars

Everyone needs a premium bathrobe. You don’t know you needed it until you get it. It’s the type of thing that improves the quality of your life by a little, but that little bit is noticeable.

A bathrobe is usually associated with luxury hotels and comfort so bringing that feeling into the home is priceless.

These days you can find bathrobes in almost every home decor store. All you have to do is to go in and search for that perfect fabric.

No matter who you’re gifting it to, they will gladly welcome it!

holiday best gift ideas for men and women
A luxury robe.

2: Quality Headphones – Between $100 and $350 dollars

A good pair of headphones dramatically changes the way we experience reality.

Sometimes you just need to turn the world off and do your own thing. That’s where these headphones come in.

We recommend going for something a little bit higher end because every $50 you spend extra on headphones will get you a noticeable increase in quality.

If money is not a problem, go for noise canceling headphones from BOSE or if the person you’re buying the gift for is more interested in status, go for Beats Solo3 Wireless.

If that’s not your ballpark go for something cheaper.

By the way, for everything we mention in this video, we’ll provide a link in the description so you can have at least 2 options for each gift we recommend.

holiday best gift ideas for men and women noise cancelling headphones
Holiday Gift Idea: Premium Headphones

3: Vinyl record player – Between $50 and $250 dollars

You know Vinyl is back right? If the previous gift had to do with music for yourself, this one has to do with music for those around you.

There’s a certain appeal to vinyl which intrigues most people, making it a perfect gift not only for this holiday season but in general.

Plus, once you got that Vinyl in, you have a clear path for all the future gifts since you can offer another vinyl with every occasion.

Just think about it.

holiday best gift ideas for men and women turntable

4: A Cashmere Scarf – Between $50 and $350 dollars

This is the only generic gift on this list, but we had to spice it up.

If you’re going to gift someone something so generic make sure it’s of premium quality. Most people underestimate the versatility and the importance of a scarf because they never had one of high quality.

You can find a cashmere scarf for as low as $50, but it’s not going to be by a world-renowned brand. That is ok. It’s the quality we’re looking for.

If you still want to go for a branded one, go for a Burberry or Gucci scarf somewhere in the area of $350 dollars.

holiday best gift ideas for men and women cashmere scarf
Holiday Gift Idea: Cashmere Scarf

5: A GoPro Hero 6 or the GoPro Fusion 360 – $500 to $700 dollars

We’re living in the age of video and although there might be cheaper options, we recommend the gopro, because we own a couple ourselves.

How many times have you been traveling and wish you had a cool travel video to show for it? Well it’s never been easier.

The quality is pretty good, these days you built videos right on your phone + the new fusion shoots 360 video which will make for some crazy posts on all your social medias.

holiday best gift ideas for men and women goprohero 6
Holiday Gift Idea: GoPro Hero 6

6: A Travel Bag – $50 dollars and up

We’ve always been surprised that people don’t have decent travel bag, which makes it for the perfect gift.

People will definitely use it and it’s one of those things they never thought that they needed before they got one.

Not only you can use it for short trips, but it doubles as carry on during flights.

How cool is it to pack only what fits in it and fly somewhere for the weekend?

holiday best gift ideas for men and women gucci
Holiday Gift Idea: Travel Bag

7: A premium blend of coffee

This depends of course if the one you’re giving the gift to is a coffee drinker. But to be honest, we don’t trust people who aren’t into coffee. There’s something fishy about them.

If you do not want to go crazy with the price you could always go into a starbucks and pick some of their blends for around $10 to $20 dollars per bag.

With $50 dollars you can make a coffee lover very happy and they’ll definitely remember you everytime they drink some!

holiday best gift ideas for men and women coffee blend
Holiday Gift Idea: A Premium Coffee Blend

8: Festival Tickets for Next Year

Festivals are big right now and everybody wants to go to one. Ticket prices for the entire duration of the festival, let’s say an average of 3 days are somewhere in the ballpark of $150 dollars.

It’s definitely one of those things you need to experience while you’re young, because there are the memories you’ll have when you’re old. Think about it, you can gift someone an epic memory and experience in exchange for a little cash.

If you’re buying for someone who’s older, look for concert tickets of bigger names that they’ve always wanted to see perform live. It will mean the world to them!

holiday best gift ideas for men and women coachella tickets

9: A set of 5 Books – Give or take $75 dollars

We’re big fans of books and it always has always will be a great gift to give someone.

The magic is, to get more than 1. If you’re buying someone a single book you better know that they really really wanted it but for some reason never got it, that there’s some emotional thing going on.

Otherwise, pick 5 books that fit the person you’re buying the gift from. Try to put together his or her personality through 5 books from different authors and different perspectives.

That’s what makes the gift so great. You can gift them a self-help book, a book about the universe, a book about learning to cook, another about a mysterious crime in New York and a Manga.

Either one of these could be a big hit and you’ve just won this gift giving session!

10: A Masterclass or a Training Course – Under $100 dollars

If the person you’re buying for has a particular passion, look for courses that could improve their skills regarding it.

There are a large number of websites will a bunch of courses on anything you can think of.

Although we’re not sponsored by them, we recommend going for a more premium course, like a masterclass.

If not, look for things happening in your geography, a photography course, a dance class, pottery or whatever they’re into.

holiday gift masterclass

11: D.J.I. Spark Drone – Around $500 dollars

With the introduction of the spark, D.J.I. opened the world to consumer drones, making it one of the coolest tech products of the 2017.

This little drone packs enough punch to give the owner a new perspective on traveling and it will make you feel like you’re living in the future.

There are a couple of cheaper drones, but the last thing you want to do is buy one that’s not as easy or convenient to use.

holiday gifts dji spark drone
Holiday Gift Idea: Drone

We own the MAVIC Pro and we love it! We actually had it with us when we did the Milan video, but there are strict restrictions to use it in popular touristy places and we never got the cool drone shots we were looking for.

By the way: if you haven’t seen our Milan Special:

12: Quality Sunglasses – $75 to $200 dollars

Life is too short to wear $9,99 sunglasses. It’s time to grow up and level up to what adults use.

A decent pair of Ray Bans are just above the $100 price point, but you’ll feel the quality immediately!

If you wanna go for an experience get yourself a pair that’s polarized and with a funkier design.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, don’t live it behind some boring looking shades.

holiday gifts ray ban glasses alux
Holiday Gift Idea: Sunglasses

13: A Swiss Knife – Around $50 dollars

We can’t remember the number of times we were on the go and wanted to open a bottle of wine but there was no corkscrew around.

This bad boy can be a literal life-saver. It’s small, it’s compact, it’s fancy and it gets the job done.

The brand to go with is Victorinox, they make great swiss army knives at a decent price.

If you’re really fancy, get yourself one that has one of those tiny forks in it. For some reason we always felt incredibly pleased with ourself if we ever went camping and used it and not a plastic one.

Think about it, you’re actually saving the planet doing so!

holiday gift swiss army knife
Holiday Gift Idea: Swiss Army Knife

14: A Board Game – $20-40 Bucks

This is something to get for your inner circle. Board Games are not for geeks, they’re actually really fun and no matter your age, there are a bunch of them that you can enjoy.

You know it’s the holiday season, people are taking in decent quantities of alcohol and that’s when a board game is perfect.

It brings out a little bit of competitiveness between the guest, everything seems funnier due to the alcohol and that’s how you end up with a fun night.

People will love your gift.

If you want some recommendations, we’d go with: Cards Against Humanity, ALIAS: Men Vs Women, ACTIVITY 18+ Club Edition – if you know what I mean – and if you’re buying for your friends that are part of the 4-20 community, buy DIXIT, you guys will enjoy it.

holiday gift cards against humanity alux
Holiday Gift Idea: Board Game

15: A Premium Bottle of Champagne

There are very few gifts that are better than a good bottle of champagne. Champagne means celebration and premium champagne is reserved for the very good times ahead.

A bottle of Moet & Chandon is a little over $50 dollars while a bottle of Dom Perignon is around $200. In between you’ll find great bottles that anyone would be happy to receive.

If you’re gifting it for a very special occasion, we’d recommend you go with the Dom Perignon Vintage 1982, but it will set you back around $1000 dollars.

If you’re not feeling the champagne vibes, go for a premium wine or whisky, depending on who you’re buying the gift for.

holiday gifts chamapgne dom perignon
Holiday Gift Idea: Champagne

Sometimes the best gifts are not objects, so let us know Aluxers: What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? You know we always read the comments and usually reply to you guys! So don’t be shy!

Here’s a list of other ideas that might spark your interest and people would be happy and intrigued to receive:

Whiskey or Wine Glasses – people who don’t use the right type of glasses scare us.

A machete – This is weird but people love getting a machete, they’ve been watching the walking dead and a machete makes them feel safe.

A Google Home-Mini or the Google VR Headset – both pretty cheap and make for a great gift.

A stupid but intriguing coffee table book – There are plenty of options to choose from, starting with Kim Kardashian’s SELFIE Book and ending with Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel book.

Whatever you do, don’t buy a gift basket.. They lack personality and people hate receiving them. Unless you put it together yourself.