Best Homes in Game of Thrones | TOP 10

25 June 2014

Best Homes in Game of Thrones | TOP 10

Which are the best homes in Game of Thrones?

We’ve wondered that too and come up with 10 of the best homes in Game of Thrones.

This article is like a tribute to Game of Thrones because the season 4 just ended a week ago and until the next season returns next year this will be many of the reasons to be excited for the upcoming adventures.

If you want to read the entire article, be careful for the spoilers, because my friend will be many, especially for the first three seasons.

Game of Thrones is a HBO TV series, an adaptation of George R.R. Martin books and became famous because of the TV show. Have you read  George R.R. Martin’s books?

The end of the season was a record breaker; The Children was one of the best endings in all times. It ended as spectacular as it started.

Game of Thrones deserves a special article, a special topic dedicated to the one of the best TV shows in the history.

As Westeros recovers from a bloody war that’s solely nominally over, shifting political alliances threaten to rewrite history before the last draft’s ink is even dry.

Newly introduced characters function wildcards in a deck already loaded with sympathetic villains and virtuously ambiguous heroes, more complicating the development interests of the viewing audience.

Our adventure will take us to the best homes in Game of Thrones, the best ones so far, because they already got us used to amazing panoramas and high-tech effects.


I don’t like this location, reminds me of a bad times, the times of that bloody wedding where I cried my eyes off.

The location of the two identical castles ruled by Lord Walder Frey is one of the most strategic locations on the entire map. They sit at opposing ends of the crossing of the Trident River in the northern Riverlands. Is one of the most desirable homes in all of Westros thanks to its amazing views and to its steady toll income and valuable location in the heart of the Riverlands.

Best Homes in Game of Thrones | TOP 10
Best Homes in Game of Thrones | TOP 10

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