Best Hotels in New York

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Best Hotels in New York | Top 10

As some of the loyal readers might have noticed by now, I’m a huge fan of the Big Apple, so searching for the best hotels in New York was truly a delight!

For those of you who plan on visiting New York in the near future, this is the ultimate travel guide for you as it reveals the finest hotels in the city to make the best out of your trip.

But these hotels are not only recommended for the ones traveling, no way.

A New Yorker will understand immediately when I say that as much as you love NYC, it sometimes can become a real chaos that will drive you out of your mind and you just need a sweet escape.

Well, these are the best oases in the heart of the city that you’re looking for in order to regain your strength, so check them out!

10.Andaz 5th Avenue

Our first stop is straight on the 5th Avenue!

The Andaz 5th Avenue is one chic hotels that opened just 4 years ago, in 2010 and is located right across the street from the Bryant Park and the main branch of the imposing New York Public Library.

As it is a former department store, it still features some elements of prewar industrial New York beside the contemporary design. It all results in a perfect blending.

The room reveal gorgeous porcelain footbaths, bathrooms covered in travertine marble and breathtaking floor-to-ceiling windows.

10. Andaz 5th Avenue | Best Hotels in New York | Image Source:
10. Andaz 5th Avenue | Best Hotels in New York | Image Source:
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