Best Luxury Hotels In Macau

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Best luxury hotels in Macau

From the streets of Macau on the new we present the best luxury hotels in Macau, a list of opulent establishments who give this overcrowded city a great appearance.

This former Portuguese colony and one of the richest cities in the world, Macau is home to some extravagant and luxurious hotels, built by famous hotel brands who give the world the best from the best.

The place bursts with one of a kind hotels, amazing views and the best getaway ever for all kinds of vacations.

Considered the Las Vegas of China and grater, the place is a perfect spot for those who like the live the high-life and gamble in the same time.

From famous names in the gambling industry and exotic resort brands with the best names in the hotel industry, the best luxury hotels in Macau are definitely a list which you have to read before going on a trip there.

So guys, take a seat and prepare to be amazed by a world of opulence and luxury, some say grater that the vibrant city of sin, Las Vegas.

10.MGM Macau

From one of the largest gambling Moghuls in Las Vegas we bring you the MGM Macau, a 5 star luxury hotel who made Macau it home and opened a 600 room establishment on the Macau peninsula.

The suites, the villas and the casino are compressed in the 35 story building and the Grande Praca.

The first floors are designed to hold the gambling area with all the slots, tables and private rooms, the convention space and a Grand Ballroom.

Then we would like to add the Six Sense Spa with their 12 different treatment rooms, the restaurants and bars, the lounges and food courts.

These first floor has the most visitors and people going in and out and with the plans for an extension, the place will possibly bring in more game tables slots, and who knows, some restaurants.

Inspired by Portuguese architecture and many other specific landscape designs the place also has some pool and swimming facilities.

#10 MGM Macau | Best Luxury Hotels In Macau | Top 10 | Image Source:
#10 MGM Macau | Best Luxury Hotels In Macau | Top 10 | Image Source:
#10 MGM Macau | Best Luxury Hotels In Macau | Top 10 | Image Source:
#10 MGM Macau | Best Luxury Hotels In Macau | Top 10 | Image Source:
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