Best Luxury Luggage Lines | Top 10

21 September 2014

Best Luxury Luggage Lines | Top 10

The most raised question when taking a trip is “What am I going to take with me?” but then comes “What luggage am I going to take”?

If you usually travel in style not only does your outfit need to be impeccable but you also need a suiting luggage.

Brands such as Ralph Lauren or Louis Vuitton have expanded into making luxury pieces destined for travelling.

But then come the experts in what concerns the luggage area – Samsonite, Tumi and even sports car maker Porsche.

They managed to make revolutionary luggage that eases your travelling providing maximum comfort and a plus of style, of course.

They know what you need and they made it happen! Here they are – The Best Luxury Luggage Lines!

10.Louis Vuitton

Known for making trunks since 1871, Louis Vuitton successfully combines today luxury with expert craftsmanship to provide the ultimate sophisticated luggage.

Whether you’re looking for the Monogram signature canvas or even colorful and personalized designs, you can’t go wrong once you acquired one of Louis Vuitton’s travel creations.

Recently expanding its multicoloured travel creations, Louis Vuitton introduces new feminine colours to its Epi Pegase 45 suitcase which comes in cherry red, orange, purple, and blue-green.

You noticed how other luggage-making companies tend to play with colours when it comes to zips, handles and even the wheels. Not here!

Louis Vuitton has made all of the above to match the shade of the bag.

Exclusively designed for the finer tastes of women, these colourful luxury pieces are the ultimate carry-on for a weekend away.

10.Louis Vuitton Best Luxury Luggage Lines Top 10 - Epi Pegase 45
10.Best Luxury Luggage Lines | Top 10
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