Best Luxury Restaurants In Ibiza | Top 10

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Best Luxury Restaurants In Ibiza | Top 10

When it comes to parties, Dj’s and clubs, Ibiza is the place to be, but today we will talk about the best luxury restaurants in Ibiza, a list of fine dining places to go.

The sun, the sand and the waves make you come as often as you can to this amazing island, but never before anyone said I want to come back because a had an amazing dinner at a luxurious restaurant.

No worries because today we are doing exactly this thing, emerging you in the high dining world from Ibiza, Spain.

The places are extraordinary, offering the client any unique traditional cuisine, Mediterranean and fish based specialties.

The best luxury restaurants in Ibiza were created to give you an option for your future trip and indulge the traveler in a world where the setting, the menus, the views and the prices are made to express exceptional places, refined tastes, amazing scenery and pricey dishes.

Let’s see which are the best luxury restaurants in Ibiza and what do they serve->

10. Montauk Steakhouse Restaurant, Ushuaia Tower

After a night out in the specific clubs and setting you find on the island, the next morning you have to eat a meal full of calories, fats and many other things.

For this, the primary ingredient is meat and the perfect place to eat it is the Montauk Steakhouse restaurant, in Ushuaia Tower.

This magnificent, modern and sophisticated place guest the best meat based dishes in the island, being known to have the finest beef.

The restaurant was created to indulge the carnivore and offer the guest a meat heaven, a menu so sophisticated that some of you didn’t know you can make so muany dishes were the meat is accompanied with only sauces.

The place has grills, special ovens, temperature controlled resting plates, special steak knives and all the technology necessary to cut the meat and keep it at an appropriate temperature like the Himalayan salt chamber.

So guys let’s leave alone the modern decor placed in a stylish setting with tables and chair who express a minimal and fancy style and go directly to the menu.

The steak here can be filled, rib-eye, Cote de beuf, hangar or New York and can be eaten with sauces like the bemaise or a butter and creamy horseradish all with side things who bring contrast and are delicious in the same time.

Best Luxury Restaurants in Ibiza | Top 10
#10 Montauk Steakhouse Restaurant, Ushuaia Tower | Source:
Best Luxury Restaurants in Ibiza | Top 10
#10 Montauk Steakhouse Restaurant, Ushuaia Tower | Source:

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