Best Luxury Restaurants in Lisbon

3 October 2016

Top 10 Best Luxury Restaurants in Lisbon

Let’s find out which are the best luxury restaurants in Lisbon for a unique dining experience to remember!

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and also the largest city in the country.

Portugal is well known for its rich culture that fascinates people around the world for decades. And especially the culinary culture!

Portuguese have some of the best dishes in the world! In this restaurants I’m going to present to you, you’ll find some of the most traditional Portuguese dishes, spiced up with some European flavors in order to create the perfect menus!

And as a wine lover that I am, Portugal is Heaven for me as it is known for its grand collection of some of the finest wines in the world!

But that’s enough for now, let’s see which are the most luxurious places in the city to have the perfect diner!


This is a restaurant that has been satisfying customers for a long time.

Belcanto is a restaurant with a history as it dates all the way back from 1958. The place was taken over by Michelin-starred chef José Avillez, one of Portugal’s best chefs.

Mister Avillez has always been inspired by Portugal’s rich culinary tradition, so the menu lifts up to you expectations if you’re looking for a traditional place in the area.

Belcanto is located next to the São Carlos opera house, so if you want to enjoy a great dinner after the show or a fine wine (one of the over 300 Portuguese wines that are available here) this is the place to go!

Belcanto | Best Luxury Restaurants in Lisbon | Image Source:
Belcanto | Best Luxury Restaurants in Lisbon | Image Source:

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