Best Luxury Restaurants In New Delhi | Top 10

24 September 2014

Best Luxury Restaurants In New Delhi | Top 10

You love Indian cuisine and you enjoy fine eating, but do you know where you should go? Try one of the Best Luxury Restaurants In New Delhi | Top 10.

Indian cuisine is based on herbs, spices and vegetables. It is predominately spicy, they are the inventors of curry after all.

It is also very friendly to vegetarians as they cook a lot with the herbs that are locally available. Of course, that is also heavily influenced by religious and cultural choices and traditions.

However, if you love food you should definitely try it. And when it comes to luxury, Indian Chefs are very serious.

Check out these restaurants:


Tres is a new mostly-European fare Lodhi Colony restaurant  run by owner and chef Jatin Malik.

The design at Tres is minimal, characterized by elegant wood paneling and mad rooster centerpieces on each table. The restaurant hasn’t been open long but already is attracting a fancy crowd.

The place deserves support to congratulate the owners for expanding the range of options available on a Delhi evening out, especially in the city center. You are unlikely to be disappointed in the food or the ambience. And hopefully by the time you get there, you’ll be transported to Europe from the moment you step in the door.

Tres features a menu focusing on taste, fresh ingredients and satisfaction, with global flavors and guided with seasonal availability. Dishes are put together with imagination mixing tradition with innovative ideas to produce a whole Gourmet edge.


Best Luxury Restaurants In New Delhi Top 10 - Tres
Best Luxury Restaurants In New Delhi Top 10 – Tres
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