Best National Parks | Top 10

25 July 2014

Best National Parks | Top 10

The perfect nature adventure is here and we want to show you the best national parks in the world.

This a list of amazing place’s where you can enjoy yourself with fresh air and some wonderful sights.

For all the nature enthusiasts we created a hand picked list of the best national parks out there who have nothing in common one with the other beside the title.

So as you expected these are national parks who have different and distinct features, everyone of them being amazing for the special features it holds.

So watch out because you are going on a world tour of national parks, placed on different continents, with one of a kind features, with some exotic and beautiful creatures, amazing landmarks and lots of things to do and visit.

Nature has it’s way of showing us some unique things and the man started to protect them, to conserve them and place them under the long arm of the law so that any damage to them is impossible.

We can find in these national parks some of the best natural landscapes, ecosystems and wildlife flora and fauna, all protected for the purpose of visiting and preserving natures wonders.

So are you prepared to take a step forward and go in the wilderness to explore some of the best places mother earth created? Let’s go and visit the best national parks in the world!->\

10.Canaima National Park, Venezuela

Starting the list is Canaima National Park a place where you can explore Venezuela’s beauties and some of the world wonders.

This particular park has the highest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls, at 1002 meters and another high waterfall called Kukenan at 675 meters.

The park is situated at the border with Brazil and Guyana and we can see a special rock formation here that hold as a border.
We are talking about the tepuis, rock formations that are made out of vertical walls and almost flat tops.

Mount Roraima, holder of the border between Venezuela Brasil and Guayana, is the tallest tepuis formation in the park and the easiest to climb followed by Auyantepui, the rock formation from where the Angel Falls form.

Sixt biggest national park in the world, the Canaina National Park is home to indigenous Pemon Indians who believe that the rock formations are home to some spirits.

When it comes to size the park is comparable to Belgium or Maryland, 65% of the total park being occupied by the tepuis rock formations, having a great view of cliffs and waterfalls.

The park is home to hummingbirds to the poisoness yellow-banded poison dart frog, the two-toed sloth, the giant anteater or the Cougar.

Best National Parks | Top 10
Canaima National Park, Venezuela

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