Best Nightclubs In Bangkok | Top 10

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Best Nightclubs In Bangkok | Top 10

Bangkok is one of the cities where you are guaranteed a good night out. These are the best Best Nightclubs In Bangkok | Top 10.

Bangkok is rightly regarded as one of the world’s most vibrant party metropolises with world-class parties, clubs and events taking place on a nightly basis.

You will find anything from techno beats to sophisticated parties and sky bars.

Let’s check out these venues:


Glow was opened in 2005 and is a Bangkok’s most renowned club for underground House and Techno music.

Glow Nightclub in Bangkok is a party venue with a strictly underground dance music policy that is constantly rocking to bass-heavy beats. Anyone wanting the most cutting-edge house music in the city should seek out this dark, loud, diminutive club. Glow is easy to recognize at night thanks to the radiating neon-green light scheme that gives the club its name.

The box-like layout of the club might feel a little limited to some, but it has the positive effect of bringing everyone together on the dance floor from early on in the night.

For those that want to chill out there is a row of cushioned seating running parallel to the bar, but don’t expect to be sitting for long when even the bar staff can’t stop themselves swaying to the beat.

Best Nightclubs In Bangkok Top 10 - Glow
Best Nightclubs In Bangkok Top 10 – Glow
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