Best Nightclubs In Beijing | Top 10

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Best Nightclubs In Beijing | Top 10

Did you ever wonder where partygoers are to be found when the night falls over Beijing? These are the 10 Best Nightclubs In Beijing | Top 10.

Beijing’s nightlife is colorful, glamorous, noisy and energetic. You will find anything from sophisticated bars, wild parties to live stages with big crowds.

You can be sure you will find many full of atmosphere places offering a good time to both Chinese and international crowds.

Let’s check out these fun places:

10Bling Club

Beijing’s first high-end hip-hop club launched during the Olympics lives up to its name, attracting celebrities such as Evander Holyfield and Chris Tucker.

Bling is a sexy, trendy new hip-hop club that brings a new level of class and style to hip-hop clubs in Beijing. You’ll feel at home in sky-high stilettos and anything sequined, sipping on Pommery Champagne in one of the 26 VIP booths, or the ultra-sexy Cheetah Lounge. The crowd is a mix of see-and-be seen expats, young businessmen, and hip-hop loving Chinese.

You really have to provide something luxurious when you call your club Bling!

Best Nightclubs In Beijing Top 10 - Bling Club
Best Nightclubs In Beijing Top 10 – Bling Club
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