Best Nightclubs In Berlin | Top 10

16 September 2014

Best Nightclubs In Berlin | Top 10

Oh Berlin, you really know how to make a clubber happy! Here is what you need to know about the Best Nightclubs In Berlin | Top 10.

Basically, after the German reunification Berlin became the world’s techno capital. Here is where DJs like Paul van Dyk, Ricardo Villalobos, Ellen Allien and Paul Kalkbrenner got their careers launched.

The most well-known clubs in Berlin are also some of the most famous clubs in the world.

Let’s see which these hot spots are:

10Reingold Bar

Reingold Bar is fashionable lounge where one can share stories and laugh over delicious cocktails, while being surrounded by glowing hues of amber and red, with matching live DJ entertainment in the background.

Presenting itself as “an old speakeasy for the modern century”, this ‘designed to the max’ venue is a pleasing mix of contemporary chic and old fashioned charm, offering up an excellent selection of cocktails and bar food in a super stylish setting.

The motif is from the 30’s so anticipate some Motown and swing tracks and guests bobbing their heads to the music while sat on the oak wood bar or the plush leather seats.

There’s a long bar and plenty of seating in this spacious venue that nevertheless manages a warm, welcoming ambience.

Best Nightclubs In Berlin Top 10 - Reingold Bar
Best Nightclubs In Berlin Top 10 – Reingold Bar
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