Best Nightclubs In Hong Kong | Top 10

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Best Nightclubs In Hong Kong | Top 10

Hong Kong is a beautiful city to be partying in and the clubs here are really luxurious. Take a look at the Best Nightclubs In Hong Kong | Top 10.

Here you will find an energetic town with some of the best nightclubs in Asia. Their style is elegant and impressive. You will be fascinated by the view of Hong Kong’s skyline that many of them offer.

Plus, this is the home of the highest club in the world.

Let’s discover these hot spots:


Known as ‘the club’, Propaganda has been around for many years.

It’s true that is attracts mostly a gay crowd, but it is still considered fun by many people, hence its place in this top. Every Friday and Saturday past 1am you will see a long queue of people trying to get in. once inside, things go wild in the round misty pole dance floor under flamboyant lightings.

The house music is played at rib cage rattling levels, although those looking to talk can retire to the conversation room. The crowd can be slightly mixed but is generally gay only, with both locals and expats keeping it crowded well into the wee hours, despite the large space.

Best Nightclubs In Hong Kong Top 10 - Propaganda
Best Nightclubs In Hong Kong Top 10 – Propaganda
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