Best Nightclubs in Bucharest

6 September 2014

Best Nightclubs in Bucharest | Top 10

I think you all heard about the heavy nightlife in Europe, but I don’t know if all of you heard about the wild partying lifestyle in Bucharest, the capital of Romania! Yes, I’ll be your guide today for your hottest nights in the best nightclubs in Bucharest!

Bucharest is one of the most alive cities in the whole Europe and it is well known for its nightlife. Romanians in general are some nasty party animals, but Bucharest is the heart of the Romania’s nightlife.

It’s a city with bars, pubs and clubs at all corners. The concept of “want to go out, but don’t have where” doesn’t exist here!

From Monday to Sunday there are parties everywhere, Romanians know how to party and don’t stop if they have to go to work the next day. The people are full of life even at 5 AM and the atmosphere is still on fire!

I will now share with you the best locations for students, lovers of underground and millionaires to party!


Let’s start with the little ones: the house of all the fresh students that embrace the night life in the capital!

Kulturhaus is the favorite club of the students and man, they know how to party! Kulturhaus is a two-floors club, located near the Old City Center with some of the wildest parties going on.

The club occupies two floors and has three main rooms. On the ground floor there’s the so called “clubbing cool” zone, a land of freedom where you can listen to all types of rock (alternative, punk rock, hard rock, folk rock etc), reggae, funk, 90s classics and so on.

But the real deal begins at the top floor. There is one room for parties, but with a different approach for music. You can listen here to the hottest trends of the moment – dubstep, electronic, drum and bass, hip hop and so on. It is also the room where they hold live concerts. On the top floor there is also a room for movies and art exhibitions.

If you’re a freshman in town, I suggest you should at least once try the Kulturhaus parties!

best nightclubs in bucharest
best nightclubs in bucharest
best nightclubs in bucharest
best nightclubs in bucharest
best nightclubs in bucharest
best nightclubs in bucharest
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