Best Nightclubs In Madrid | Top 10

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9Joy Eslava

Joy Madrid is, by its own merits, one of the best clubs in Madrid.

What started in 1872 as a theater has now transformed into a highly recognized, world-famous disco. A popular destination for those looking for a dose of techno, Joy Madrid is a high-energy club where sexy house dancers take to the stage and trendy revelers take to the floor to lose themselves in an electronic sea of light and sound.

The spacious sunken dance floor, spectacularly illuminated by the blue lights and undulating special effects projected on the back wall of the stage, is surrounded on all sides by rows of sleek tables and sofas where patrons taking a breather can sit and enjoy the view.

One of the classic venues in Madrid where you’re likely to see some famous faces, Joy Eslava also hosts live performances that range from concerts to monologues.

Best Nightclubs In Madrid Top 10 - Joy Eslava
Best Nightclubs In Madrid Top 10 – Joy Eslava
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