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18 September 2014


Mokai, now in its second incarnation under the wing of the Opium Group, continues on in its prime mission of providing a festive atmosphere for the exceedingly hip among us.

Mokai counts a former GQ cover boy and Giorgio Armani model among its owners, whose input is evident throughout the tasteful design and gorgeous guests of the club.

The interior features patterns and décor that make partiers feel as if they’ve stepped into a surreal world awash in red and blue light and latticework.

The vintage “adult” films projected on the wall might make you feel the need to prove your manhood by getting a few bottles, but be prepared, this is what they call a super expensive club.

Not sexy enough? Here is where Alessandra Ambrosio had one of her birthday parties.

Best Nightclubs In Miami Top 10 - Mokai
Best Nightclubs In Miami Top 10 – Mokai

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