Best Nightclubs In Montreal | Top 10

20 September 2014

Best Nightclubs In Montreal | Top 10

You should definitely check out the nightlife in the city that was known as one of North America’s “sin cities”. Here are the Best Nightclubs In Montreal | Top 10.

Montreal is considered to be one of the best partying cities in the world and there are many aspects that make it unique.

The diversity of the clubs in Montreal attests to the popularity of its night life, with night clubs, pubs, bars and singing, Latin clubs, African clubs, jazz clubs, lounges, after-hours houses, and strip clubs all attracting different types of customers.

Enough talking, let’s discover these places:

10A GoGo Lounge

Groovy as in Austin Powers groovy, you won’t want to miss out on the Go-Go Lounge.

A Saint Laurent lounge decorated in checkerboard floors, hand-shape tulip chairs and mind-altering pop art that looks progressively normal following a few absinthe-infused martinis.

Done up in great psychedelic colors and kitschy cool furniture like colorful red ice cream scoop chairs, the menus are written on old vinyl records and the cocktails have cool names like Pussycat, Kryptonite and Captain America. There are at least 25 Martini specials to choose from so your toot will never run dry, and the music runs the retro range from 70s funk to 80s new wave.

The space is divided between a central lounge with ice cream parlor furnishings and elevated loft-area with more comfortable booths and lounge seating.


Best Nightclubs In Montreal Top 10 - A GoGo Lounge
Best Nightclubs In Montreal Top 10 – A GoGo Lounge
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