Best Nightclubs in Moscow

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Best Nightclubs in Moscow | Top 10

Wondering which are the best nightclubs in Moscow? Ealuxe has the answer!

Moscow is a very exciting city for the self traveler. And more exciting is its nightlife!

Who said Moscow doesn’t know how to party? There’s an abundance of party venues in Moscow, but where’s the party really at?

You’re about to find out! From small bars to exclusive nightclubs, the Russian capital has everything you need for a memorable night.

10Cafe Mio

We begin our top list with Cafe Mio, a cozy club-cafe, located at Caluzhskaya sqr. 1.

At this venue you can enjoy some unusual European cuisine menu with a light Oriental accent, such as miso soup, sushi and roll, tomato gazpacho.
Also, they serve seafood with rice, a true delicacy.

The weekend is when the party starts, and each party is a success guaranteed by their team of professionals, experts in the entertainment industry.

Among the DJ’s and musicians who performed at the Cafe Mio are included Steve Bug, Ellen Allien, Tiga, Justice, to name few.

And to keep you hydrated, the venue offers a menu with more than 60 unique cocktails, such as the traditional Pina Colada and Long Island, as well as their trademark mixes.

#10 Cafe Mio | Best Nightclubs in Moscow | Top 10 [ Image Source:]
#10 Cafe Mio | Best Nightclubs in Moscow | Top 10 [ Image Source:]
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