Best Nightclubs In Paris | Top 10

12 September 2014

Best Nightclubs In Paris | Top 10

It turns out that the romantic and elegant Paris is no stranger to crazy parties. When the night falls, search for the Best Nightclubs In Paris | Top 10.

Actually, here you will find some of the world’s finest nightclubs and places where French and international celebrities like to hang out.

Here is  where Chanel and other luxury fashion brands parties are hold, where Scarlet Johansson, Mario Testino or Kate Moss like to throw private parties.

Let’s discover them:

10Bus Palladium

It is cool now and it was cool back then!

Opened in the 1960s, Le Bus Palladium club restaurant soon became the social epicentre of the Paris creative elite. Salvador Dalí loved to hang out here; Serge Gainsbourg referred to it in the lyrics of his Qui Est In Qui Est Out.

This trendy dance club in the heart of Pigalle spins to a range of musical styles. This area has become known as SoPi or South Pigalle and is now nearly too trendy for the trendsters.

No matter, the Bus Palladium has been here for decades and still offers a good rock-n-roll time. Its updated menu offers dishes named after famous song titles – Come Together, Welcome to The Jungle, With or Without You.

Best Nightclubs In Paris Top 10 - Bus Palladium
Best Nightclubs In Paris Top 10 – Bus Palladium
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