Best Nightclubs in Sydney | Top 10

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Best Nightclubs in Sydney | Top 10

Wondering which are the best nightclubs in Sydney? Ealuxe has the answer!

There’s an abundance of party venues in Sydney, but where’s the party really at?
Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate between the good ones and the bad ones.

And you’ll never find a nightspot on ‘P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way’, if you had that in mind.

However, to help you find your groove, Ealuxe presents a selection of Sydney’s 10 best nightclubs. Let’s get started!

10FBi Social

We begin our top list with FBi Social, a wonderful venue located at 248 William St, Sydney NSW 2011.
For those who seek live entertainment, FBi Social is worth a look.

The nightclub, which is Sydney’s radio station first pop-up live music venue, is relatively small, but enough to be intimate.

FBi Social is housed on the second floor of the Kings Cross Hotel, in stumbling distance of the Coca Cola sign.

#10 FBi Social | Best Nightclubs in Sydney | Top 10 [ Image Source:]
#10 FBi Social | Best Nightclubs in Sydney | Top 10 [ Image Source:]
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