15 Best Places to Buy a House

25 August 2021

If You’ve Been Thinking about Settling Down and Buying a House, Here Are the Best Places to Consider.

Hello Aluxers! Choosing the best place to buy a house is no small task! Whether you’re looking to leave the nest – or just need a change in scenery – it’s a big decision… one we’d love to help you make!

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So, let’s start looking for your new home, shall we?!?

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Los Angeles

Two things are always certain when it comes to living in Los Angeles: the cost of living is exceptionally high and if you wait long enough, you can always count on your neighbourhood to spike in popularity. If you’re on a budget, this may not be the best choice for you – but if you have money to invest and a thirst for opportunities, L.A. is definitely a destination to consider.



People, brace yourselves! Houses are again on sales in Italy! No, we’re not talking about the €1 houses which would end up cost way more once you were done with the renovation works! Today there are a few villages which are selling ready-to-move-in for a grand total of € 13.000. No works required!

Many are located in beautiful places, which may make it easy to rent them out when you are not occupying them. Sure, they’re rather small houses… but for a chance to live the dolce vita on the cheap, who’s complaining?!



This might be a good time to think of buying a house in London. Housing prices have decreased due to the uncertainties caused by Brexit, so you can find some pretty sweet deals out there.

What’s really attractive though is that if you reside in the UK, but your permanent residence is overseas, your overseas income is out of the reach of the Inland Revenue agency. In other words, your overseas income will not be taxed, as long as you keep it there. Pretty convenient, right? Plus this is where you want to live if you plan on becoming a finance mogul.


New York

The business capital of the world! This city is filled with an enormous amount of opportunities for wealth building. New York is your choice if you want to live where you work. Opt for a townhouse if you like living in the city, or you can choose to buy a best, fully-detached house in place like Ditmas Park and Forest Hills, where you can have more space both indoors as well as outdoors.



The first reason to choose Miami as your home is that Florida is a no-income-tax state. With a median listing price of about USD 500,000, houses may not seem cheap, but at the same price you can get a much bigger house in Miami than in New York.

However in this location, you’ll have to be mindful of climate change: Miami’s sea level is rising an average of 1 inch every 3 years, which means that if nothing’s done to counteract the effects of climate change, by 2040, more than $3 billion worth of property could be lost to Davy Jones’ Locker.

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The Principality is a well-known tax haven: think London, but with much nicer weather!
Monaco is packed with luxury real estate, and it hosts a great number of world class events. This is the place to be to meet the rich and famous! Apart from being beautifully scenic with its location on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the city is also very well-connected to Europe’s main business centres, thanks to its proximity to the airport in Nice.


San Francisco

Reaching out to you, tech nuts! If you choose San Francisco, you’re basically a hop, skip and a jump away from Silicon Valley – the cradle of all technology start-ups and a world of opportunities for anyone interested in this sector. In 2019, tech jobs accounted for 20.5% of all jobs in the city.

You may need to work an awful lot though if you want to buy a house in a best place like San Francisco: the median listing price for an average home is $1.3 million!


Medina, Washington

Medina is a city of about 3,000 people sitting on Lake Washington, just outside Seattle. Two of its most noteworthy residents just so happen to be Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, whose companies are both headquartered in Seattle.
Amazon’s founder bought his estate there for $10 million in 1998 and added a $53 million house next door in 2010.
Bill Gates lives about a half mile up the road from Bezos in this $125 million compound he nicknamed “Xanadu 2.0.”

Sure, with houses costing around $7 million this is not a place for everyone… but then again your neighbours wouldn’t be just any regular person, would they…?



The United Arab Emirates is a tax-friendly country and offers a great variety of properties to choose from. Attractive areas for investors in Dubai include downtown, Palm Jumeirah, Marina and International City, which have made the UAE a premier destination for overseas property investments. 



The City of Lights has its own way of attracting foreign investors: there’s a double taxation agreement for expats who live in Paris for less than 183 days a year and get a salary from abroad. Basically, you only pay taxes once – in your home country. Just perfect if you want to take part in the city’s fashion world!
The downside? Bureaucracy!
One could drown in all those papers, but be patient and you’ll be rewarded by one of the most amazing cities in the world!



Singapore is a vibrant city and one of the most desirable places to live. The city boasts a strong economy, it’s a safe place for children to grow up in and has excellent education and healthcare systems.
In addition to that, Singapore has low personal income tax, great investment potential and there’s no restrictions regarding the import of capital and repatriation of profits. This could be a good choice to experience the Asian culture while still being in a very multicultural society.

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Did you know that 40 of the world’s billionaires are Swiss citizens? With its favourable tax system, political stability, innovation and a preferential inheritance tax system compared to some other European countries, this little alpine state makes it easy for the richest to maintain and pass on wealth.
Living costs in Switzerland are some of the highest in the world – but so are the wages – and with the kind of protection this country offers, it still remains a top country to consider.



Getting an Investor Visa may take up to 12 months, but Australia is still one of the most coveted places to go in search of fortune.
In the past, most wealthy migrants settled in Melbourne and Sydney to be close to good schools, universities and business opportunities.
While this is still the case, many are moving to other states and into regional areas. The Sunshine Coast and Bendigo are listed as 2 of the best areas to look for a house in 2021.



This little South American State is a global centre of finance and commerce – much like London or New York – plus it’s pretty safe and stable.
Panama is one of those havens that sucks in resources when things in the world get volatile.
You can buy properties in different parts of the state, providing first-world luxuries at 1/3 of what you’d pay in the big cities we previously mentioned. Moreover, there are no property laws which makes the entire buying process way easier.



Foreigners can’t buy land for agriculture in Morocco, but they can buy investment property. The low cost of living makes Morocco worth considering. Rabat and Casablanca are major cities with plenty to offer. Just to give you an idea: Rabat is 63.2% less expensive than New York – But the cost to build a villa is around $150 USD per square foot.

Alright Aluxers – how about that trek around the world? Now you have the inside scoop on the 15 best places to buy a house.


What about you? Where would you like to live? And what location do you think is most worth packing up all your stuff and moving to? Join the conversation in the comments and we’ll be right there with you chiming in on the first 50 people leaving behind their two-cents.