Best Places to Visit in Brazil | Top 10

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9. Paraty

Paraty is an example of the Portuguese colonial and Brazilian imperial settlements with a long history.

The birth place of the Caipirinha, the town of Paraty is placed on the Green Cost of Brazil in the Rio de Janeiro state.

The special thing about Paraty is that the place is known for the quiet of the surroundings and the fact that the town is a perfect view of the former way of life, built on the edge of the Brazilian gold rush.

The town is a perfect example of peaceful and astonishing architecture, explaining the life that the Brazilians had here 250 years ago.

The historic town offers the visitor the cobblestone-paved streets, the baroque style churches and the forts who were built to maintain the town safe.

Best Places to Visit in Brazil | Top 10
Town of Paraty
Best Places to Visit in Brazil | Top 10
Historic part of Paraty town
Best Places to Visit in Brazil | Top 10
Exclusive resort for the rich in Paraty.

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