Best Restaurants in Dubai | Top 10

20 May 2014

Best Restaurants in Dubai | Top 10

I know you love traveling and enjoying the finest things life has to offer, so we’ve taken care of the troublesome task to finding the Best Restaurants in Dubai for you!

If you’re visiting Dubai this year, you surely have the budget needed to experience this amazing city at its fullest. This place is jammed with plenty high-end restaurants and gourmet cuisines from all around the world.

Easily the best eating-out place in the  United Arab Emirates, Dubai has grown to become this hot-spot for the super-rich and celebrities that look to try new things and for whom the budget is not a problem.

On average one will spend at least $500 per person for a fine dinning experience in this luxurious city.

Here is the Top 10 Best Restaurants in Dubai and how much it will cost you to eat there not including drinks:

#10.Al Hadheerah – Minimum Price Per Person:$130

You’ll find it at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa where one night in the royal suite goes for as much as $800.

The restaurant focuses on traditional Arabian food and the buffet starts $130, drinks not included!

You can expect to be entertained by sword-fighting actors, horseback riders and belly dancers.

Best Restaurants in Dubai: 10. Al Hadheerah – $130
Best Restaurants in Dubai: 10. Al Hadheerah – $130

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