Best Robert De Niro Movies | Top 10

20 August 2014

Best Robert De Niro Movies | Top 10

The movie industry gave us over the years some stars who made a difference and who are very good at what they do, even if this means acting, directing or producing movies, so for the moment please leave everything down because we are going to see the best Robert De Niro movies.

The 71 year old actor played in numerous movies as a leading role or supporting roles, but not all were so famous or so well written and acted like the one we are going to see.

Stay tuned if you are a fan of the actor and the movies he started in, because these are the best rated movies by fans and also the movies with the most nominations and awards received.

So if you missed out on some Robert De Niro movies, or if you were born after the movie were made, you should watch the following list because most of his greatest work came before the 1990’s.

So the list with the best Robert De Niro movies is like your personal guide to the great acting experience of one of the most influential people from Hollywood.

So if you are not convinced yet this list of best Robert De Niro movies, is your way of learning what great means, making it look like the top 10 Robert De Niro movies where his performance can be considered or compared with a luxury experience.

We would like to offer a unique experience where Robert De Niro is the main subject and his movies are unique interpretations of unique characters.

This top 10 is based on the actors best performances, making the list a luxury guide to acting by Robert De Niro, a million dollar interpretations being revealed in every single movie on the list.

So we wanted to share the best Robert De Niro Movies as a birthday gift for the septuagenarian and a thank you for making our lives better with his movies.

Let’s see who made it to number 10

10. Analyze This – 1999

Beginning the list of the most memorable and unique movies that Robert De Niro played in, we would like to start with the comedy “Analyze This”, a film where action and comedy mix together very well.

The movie tells the story of a mob boss interpreted by De Niro, who faces anxiety problems and need a psychiatrist to help him deal with his troubles.

Billy Crystal play’s the humble and normal psychiatrist who is called to deal with his panic attacks and anxiety issues.

After dealing with so many gangster movies, the iconic mob boss or mobster Robert De Niro offers the public a different view on the mafia life and delivers a flawless interpretation, mixing the comedy with the typical drama/thriller mob movies characteristics.

Making our first entry we tried to bring a soft version of the gangster movie where De Niro takes on all the action and stripes down the character to a ruthless mobster who is used to do everything the hard way.

The softness is given by De Niro’s take on the problems which occurs with a man his age and tries to double the comedy with a modern twist, the laughing being given by his lines, his acting and his hilarious impersonation of a sad, problematic mobster with psychological issues.

Being rated by IMDB with 6.7 score, the movie grossed 177 million dollars and was continued with a sequel who started the same characters but with different problems and in different stages of their life’s.

Best Robert De Niro Movies | Top 10
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