Best-Selling Toys of All Time

19 December 2014

Best-Selling Toys of All Time | TOP 10

Are you ready for the best-selling toys of all time?

While we as humans will do anything just to have some fun, kids use the toys for that.

What’s a toy anyway?

The item that it can be used  to play is generally used by children and pets. Playing with the toys is an enjoyable thing that helps train the young for life in society.

The toys came in different shapes and are made from different materials which make the toys more enjoyable for both kids and adults.

Their origins are prehistoric. But we still like them. Some of them are even collecting them. For example, Rosie O’Donnell, the girl who is collecting McDonald’s toys.

The Best-Selling Toys of all Time are:

10) Etch-A-Sketch

Best-Selling Toys of All Time TOP 10 10) Etch-A-Sketch
Best-Selling Toys of All Time TOP 10 10) Etch-A-Sketch |via: yoyo.com|

A French inventor named Andre Cassagnes developed what he called the Magic Screen. In 1960, the Ohio Art Company began manufacturing the toy after they purchased the rights.

The toy that looked like a miniature television screen allowed children to create images using two little knobs that moved vertically or horizontally scraping aluminum powder from the inside of the screen.

The knobs left a dark line behind, while shaking it vigorously cleared the previous image to allow an unlimited number of new works.

Eventually the toy name has changed to Etch-A-Sketch, which was the iconic red-framed dynamo was an instant hit.

The toy was liked even by the adults because of its simplicity, elegant design and the sturdy construction that made it virtually indestructible.
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