Best Travel Places In 2013

25 June 2013

Well, summer is here and everyone should know which are the best travel places in 2013.


121679982.jpgFor any traveler, Iceland it’s a “must do”, this is a magnificent destination that brings together some of the most spectacular landscapes that our imagination can think of.
Iceland is a country with extreme contrasts, where unspoiled nature lies at the margin of a modern community, from exploding geysers, waterfalls, hot pools when outside the temperature is below 0, to one of the most exciting spectacle that nature brings to us, The Northern Lights can be easily seen from Iceland, this is actually one of the best spots to see the phenomenon. 



wallpaper-1031617If you want to spend a really special holiday with your family or friends and having a big variety of thing to do and see, Turkey is your answer. From the roasting sun of the Mediterranean beach to the sites with big historical  significance for sure you will find something on your taste. The only city which is on two continents, Istanbul brings to all his visitors vestiges of an empire lasting nearly 1,500 years, big churches, ancient ruins, fortress walls, Byzantine basilicas, celebrated shrines and Christian relics.


wallpaper-2161390One of the finest places to visit always was and always will be, Greece, with a big history and lots of great destinations this country can provide to you some of the best experiences that you will ever live. Even if it’s not a large country, Greece enjoys the second longest coastline in Europe, at only one step away form the sea side are the tranquil mountain villages with nice and welcoming people. 


wallpaper-1431583In the East of India lies the exotic island country of Sri Lanka, once an important step on the Silk Road, now visitors can enjoy beautiful tropical forests, amazing waters and long white-sand beaches. Whether you’re a spa lover or a surfer, a cultural explorer or a foodie looking for new discoveries, you’ll find a great diversity all over this amazing island. When you’re not unwinding on the beach, there’s plenty else to see and do during your Sri Lanka holidays. The zoological gardens are another popular attraction, with a wide variety of creatures – its most popular being the elephants. 


wallpaper-2113283Bali is a province of Indonesia which provides to all it’s visitors a unique blend of nightlife and relaxing methods. Holidays to Bali are the ultimate in luxury, and exceptional hospitality and breathtaking natural beauty are a standard of island life. Whether you’re a beach maniac of a adventure seeker Bali will help you to spend your holidays how you please. Activities like scuba diving in a crystal-clear lagoon on the south of the island, or catch a wave on the surfer’s paradise of Kuta Beach and once you’ve topped up your tan, head to the Tanah Lot Temple and watch the spectacular sunset.

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