Best Watches for Sports Players

7 October 2015

9Casio Men’s Illuminator

Next on our top list is the Illuminator watch, offered by Casio. If you love fitness, the Full LCD Ana-Digi Illuminator watch is for you.

The item features a 10-record lap memory, including a split-time option, ideal for the runner.
Also, it has a dual time-zone feature or a calendar option.

Whether it’s for fitness, soccer, or any other sport, this timeless classic is one of the best.
Its daily alarm, hourly time signal and auto calendar make sure you’ll never miss a game.

If Ana-Digi Illuminator isn’t your thing, Casio offers many other Illuminator watches.

This type of watch is fairly cheap ranging from $20-200, so you can afford to buy one just for your sport-activities! You can shop the brand here!

#9 Casio Men's Illuminator Best Watches for Sports Players Top 10
#9 Casio Men’s Illuminator Best Watches for Sports Players Top 10 
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