Best Women Trainers Trends 2014

5 May 2014

Best Women Trainers Trends 2014

Are you curious which are the best women trainers trends 2014? I’m thinking the answer is yes, and that’s why we are here!

Today we are discussing about the latest fashion trainers trends for women.

When it comes to fashion things are changing quite fast, and if trainers were only meant to be worn in the gym, right now they are as in and stylish as you can get outside of the gym as well.

So I say let’s leave the high heels for later and choose a pair of trainers today, what do you say?

If you are not quite keen on wearing trainers in your daily outfits, just have a look at how amazing and stylish they are!

Let’s see the best women trainers trends 2014!


We all know that Nike has been a big brand ever since the launch, but is it just me or their trainers are looking better than ever?

It might be just the fact that they are considered fashionable, but we have to admit, they look just amazing!

Wear them with a pair of skinny cuffed jeans or even boyfriends jeans. If you feel bold enough, you might make the trainers work with a skirt as well.

Best Women Trainers Trends 2014

Best Women Trainers Trends 2014

New Balance

Another really popular brand lately is New Balance. With a softer look and that cute soul, who can say no to them?

They come in all the colours you can imagine and can transform your outfit completely.

Best Women Trainers Trends 2014

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