Best Zoos in Europe | Top 10

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Best Zoos in Europe | Top 10

So if you are an animal lover here are the best zoos in Europe a list of the top zoo’s from the continent who were flagged by visitors as to be visit worthy.

So how to create a better top ten list if not with a viewers review and feedback, things we did with the list of the best zoo’s in Europe.

Using the top rating zoo’s on different traveling site’s we created a list where opinions, feedback and user reviews were the most important things taken in consideration when we created the list.

So guys prepare to go on a wonderful journey into a world full of animals, wildlife and endangered species.

These places display unique animal species, colorful birds and many types of marine animals.

Some of them proved that being a zoo doesn’t only mean keeping animals in cages, it also means that animals have the chance to live longer and be saved from extinction.

So lets see where fellow zoo enthusiasts want us to go->

10. La Palmyre Zoo, La Palmyre-Les Mathes, France

Created in the forest if the Les Mathes and extending over 18 hectares the french zoo is home to over 1600 animals who divide in 130 species, all of them living over a 4 kilometers distance.

The zoo was created in 1966 and has been voted to represent the tenth place in the list of the best zoos in Europe, visitors here admiring multiple attractions.

So guys if you want to visit this french zoo some of the reviews were telling us that the best attraction was the summer show where sea lions of California performed for the audience.

Here you also find a large variety of threatened species like the scimitar Oryx, golden lion Tamarin, Indian elephant, white rhinoceros and many other species who were breaded and sent in their natural environment, the zoo helping the ecosystem regain some of its dying species.

Best zoos in Europe | Top 10
La Palmyre Zoo, La Palmyre-Les Mathes, France
Best zoos in Europe | Top 10
La Palmyre Zoo, La Palmyre-Les Mathes, France
Best zoos in Europe | Top 10
La Palmyre Zoo, La Palmyre-Les Mathes, France Elephant at Fountain

Next we just cross the border to UK->

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