Here are 15 Bestselling Beer Brands in the World

19 December 2016

A bottle of cold beer has been a good company to some moments in our lives. But do we drink the bestselling beer brand like most people in the world?

If you think beer cannot be as exclusive and expensive as other alcoholic drinks, you should change your mind. As we discussed in World’s Most Expensive Beers article, this beverage can really take it up a notch. But in order to reach wider market, beer has been made simple and cheap, like these bestselling beer brands we are going to talk about.

Cheap does not mean low quality though. With so many competitors in the market, quality is something that breweries must at least maintain in order to keep gaining sales revenue. Otherwise, people won’t even think twice to make another purchase of their product.

And to add some plot twist to the market, some breweries even produce more than one beer brand. In a rare case, they are able to dominate the global sales with the combination of those brands they own. We may see some of them here.

So, we researched the 2015-2016 global market share in beer industry. Then, we ranked the world’s top fifteen bestselling beer brands based on their brewery’s sales revenue. Let’s start the countdown!

15. Yanjing (Sales Revenue: $2 billion)

Here are 15 Bestselling Beer Brands in the World | #15. Yanjing (Sales Revenue: $2 billion)
Here are 15 Bestselling Beer Brands in the World | #15. Yanjing (Sales Revenue: $2 billion) | source: blogspot.com

Six 330-ml bottles of Yanjing beer is sold at $10. It is a beer brand from the Beijing Yanjing Beer Company Limited. Even though this brand is most likely unfamiliar to you, it actually contributes to 2.8% of global market share. This is helped by the fact that China is one of the most populated countries in the world.

More people in the market means more sales generated. Hence the $2 billion ales revenue Beijing Yanjing Beer Company Limited gains from selling this beer brand. Claimed as the state beer of China, Yanjing’s sale has been boosted for the last couple of years.

Founded in 1980, the Chinese company is producing around 60 million hectoliters of beer in a year. That puts it as the third biggest brewery in China and 8th worldwide. Besides beer, it also produces mineral water, raw materials of beer, yeast, and plastic boxes.

“Yanjing Beer is naturally brewed with mineral water, hops, rice and barley malt, resulting in a distinctly clean taste. Yanjing has a floral nose and dry, crisp malty smoothness that provides a refreshing finish with an undertone of hops.” – yanjingbeer.ca.

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