We Ranked Top 15 Bestselling Sodas in The World

26 December 2016

Even though the global market share is slightly decreasing, these drinks are still the bestselling sodas in the world.

Soda has been a popular kind of drink for a long time. The refreshing feeling it gives is nothing like others. It is the best beverage to go with popular foods in popular occasion like eating pizza at the pub while watching football match. That is why despite all the health issues, people are still drinking these bestselling sodas.

Yes, most soda drinks contain a lot of sugar. In fact, some even way sweeter than any other beverages. And if you drink them too much or too often, they may jeopardize your health.

But hey, we are not going to talk about that for now. Here, we discuss what these sodas are valued and how they are doing in the market today. We will also take a look at some of people’s favorite flavors and the secret behind them.

So, we have done our research and came up with these fifteen bestselling sodas in the world. And they are ranked based on the brand value in 2016. I hope you are not thirsty because we are going through fifteen tempting sparkling water!

15. Mirinda (Brand Value: $1 billion)

We Ranked Top 15 Bestselling Sodas in The World | #15. Mirinda (Brand Value: $1 billion)
We Ranked Top 15 Bestselling Sodas in The World | #15. Mirinda (Brand Value: $1 billion) | source: adsoftheworld.com

We start with Mirinda as the 15th bestselling soda with $1 billion brand value. Produced by PepsiCo, it is actually originated in Spain from the year of 1960s. Then in 2003, it was introduced in United States with bilingual packaging.

Back then, it was sold under Tropicana Twister brand, which shares similar flavor, orange. But nine years ago, PepsiCo started to sell it under its own brand, Mirinda.

As it was first introduced, Mirinda was more commonly known as the cheap version of Fanta, which is the product of Pepsi’s biggest competitor, Coca-Cola. But its price began to rise along with its brand awareness.

The most popular flavor of Mirinda soda is orange. Back in Spain, it was actually produced with a mix of real orange juice. But today, it is all artificial. Besides orange, Mirinda comes with different fruits flavor like apple, grape, strawberry and many kinds of citrus fruits.

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