Beyonce Releases New Striking Video “Yours And Mine”

13 December 2014

Beyonce Releases New Striking Video “Yours And Mine”

Friday was a time of celebration as it marked the one-year anniversary of Beyoncé’s self-titled album, an album that was an inspiration for the entire world.

And with this occasion, she gave us another gift as she released a new striking black and white video called “Yours And Mine” on Youtube.

The short movie is basically a compilation of the videos on the album and Beyoncé talks about a lot of deep issues such as childhood, love, marriage, self esteem and many more.

The movie begins with a painful confession as she says:

I sometimes wish I could just be anonymous, walk down the street just like everyone else

Beyoncé talks about how difficult it is sometimes to be a celebrity because you can no longer do very simple things, but every time things get harder she remembers what her mother taught her: to be strong, independent and never give up.

It’s not the only time she talks about her in this video, she later tells us about how her mother has been struggling all her life to please everyone. As we can see, her mother represent a very strong figure in her life and I’m sure she will be the same for Ivy Blue.

Beyoncé continues to talk about the struggle of being famous and she says that “when you’re famous no one looks at you as human anymore, you become the property of the public” and then crushes our hearts and wakes us up with the conclusion:

There’s nothing real about it.

Beyonce Releases New Striking Video "Yours And Mine" | Image Source: http://new.mtv.it
Beyonce Releases New Striking Video “Yours And Mine” | Image Source: http://new.mtv.it

What hurts her most is the fact that people tend to put a tag on her, they’ve built this image of who she is, a image that not even her sees clear, not even her can define.

For this matter, she tries to connect with us, to make us perceive her as a normal person, as one of us:

I grew up with a lot of conflict and dramas and I’ve been through a lot…just like everyone else.

Mrs. Carter then reminds us about what’s really important in life, not the material things, but the invisible ones, the thing you cannot touch, what the soul needs to be happy. She even expresses later her worry that people don’t value themselves enough, especially young people which is a terrible problem nowadays.

Beyonce Releases New Striking Video "Yours And Mine" | Image source: http://s2.yimg.com
Beyonce Releases New Striking Video “Yours And Mine” | Image source: http://s2.yimg.com

Another problem that Bey brings to our attention is the perception of most people on marriage, that they “feel like they loose something when they get married”, but she sweeps this idea off by looking at marriage from another point of view, maybe the most beautiful perspective I’ve never seen, nor heard before:

There’s nothing more exciting than having a witness to your life

And of course, feminism had to be one of the themes in the video as it is one of the most controversial subjects when it comes to Queen B and she says it loud and clear once again:

I always considered myself a feminist

Beyonce Releases New Striking Video "Yours And Mine" | Image source: http://media3.s-nbcnews.com
Beyonce Releases New Striking Video “Yours And Mine” | Image source: http://media3.s-nbcnews.com

She then explains what’s the real problem with feminism: not what it stands for, but what people believe and how they misunderstand it. And the concept is pretty simple actually, a feminist is just a person that wants equality for men and women, simple as that.

And for those that still refuse to understand what the concept of feminism actually means, behind all that, Beyoncé is one thing that all of us can relate to:

I consider myself a humanist

We’ve all read the numerous rumors about the marriage of Beyoncé and Jay-Z falling apart and she tried to break them down over and over again. She tries one last time to bury these speculations and assure the world that what she has built with Jay-Z is never going to fall apart, not in this life, nor beyond.

The movie reveals shots with Jay-Z and beautiful emotional moments featuring both of them as she says on the background that “it’s ok to depend on someone”, especially when you find that one special person that loves and respects you and is willing to stand by you during everything you go through.

Beyonce Releases New Striking Video "Yours And Mine" | Image source: http://thejasminebrand.com
Beyonce Releases New Striking Video “Yours And Mine” | Image source: http://thejasminebrand.com

So, I invite all of those who have been badmouthing their marriage to take a sit in the back and relax for a very, very long time.

But beyond all the fulfillment another person can bring you, Beyoncé reminds us to not lose ourselves and always keep in mind what’s the real truth:

Happiness comes from you. No one else can make you happy. You make you happy.

The movie then ends with a melancholic picture with her walking on the beach and holding baby Ivy Blue, the same ending scene from the music video of “Blue”.

I now invite all of you to watch this beautiful and inspiring video and raise your glass with me for the one and only Queen B: