Biggest Companies in the World by Revenue

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Biggest Companies in the World by Revenue | Top 10

If you’re wondering which are the biggest companies in the world by revenue , this top will definitely satisfy your curiosity.

We all know that when it comes to big companies the numbers are essential.

So the first thing you may want to know is how much money they make or in other terms, their annual revenue.

Without any further talk, let’s have a look at the top 10 biggest companies by revenue in the world.

N10. Volkswagen Group

The first on our list of the biggest companies in the world is the Volkswagen Group.

Industry: Automotive

Headquarter: Wolfsburg

Revenue (USD billions): $263

Volkswagen Group was founded in May, 1937. The company is engaged in the manufacture of automobiles.

The name, Volkswagen means ”people’s car” so their main production is of passenger cars, but they also make trucks and buses. They have more than 500.000 employees working in 27 countries.

Biggest Companies in the World by Revenue | TOP 10- Volkswagen Group
Biggest Companies in the World by Revenue Top 10 – Volkswagen Group –
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