Biggest Fortunes Inherited by Dogs

3 March 2016

Top 10 Biggest Fortunes Inherited by Dogs

Get ready to get your mind blown when you find out which are the 10 biggest fortunes inherited by dogs!

It’s a well known fact that a dog is a man’s best friend and a friendship like that is worth a million bucks, but did you ever wonder how much are they really worth?

And if you think about it, maybe they deserve all that money. After all, most of the people in your life aren’t that loyal and don’t take that much care of you as your dog does, sometimes not even your family.

But I can’t help but wonder, what can a dog possibly do with an entire fortune? Of course they need a part of it for maintenance, but isn’t the rest a waste of money?

But who are we to judge?! Let’s see which are the dogs that inherited the biggest fortunes in the world!

10.Anne E. Dier – $25,000

Let’s start out easy. Believe me, this is an insignificant amount of money compared to what’s coming up next!

Anne E. Dier, the dog’s owner, didn’t lead such a happy and fulfilling life. The woman was married to a terrible man who abused her and made her life a living Hell, so it should come as no surprise that Anne developed a special bound with her dog in which she found love and comfort.

In 1909, the woman tragically died when she was shot by the monster that was her husband. But she made sure that Fannie, her dog, wasn’t going to end up on the streets.

She left all her money, $25,000 to a lovely couple in Buffalo to take care of Fannie and make sure that her pet was going to grow old in a loving family.

I don’t know about you, but I say this dog was worth every penny.

10.Anne E. Dier - $25,000 | Biggest Fortunes Inherited by Dogs | Image Source: www.petstuffweb.com
10.Anne E. Dier – $25,000 | Biggest Fortunes Inherited by Dogs | Image Source: www.petstuffweb.com
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