Biggest Snowboard Companies in the World

26 December 2013

Biggest Snowboard Companies in the World

We were interested in finding out which are the world’s biggest snowboard companies! Keep reading!

The world of winter sports is growing very fast in America, but also around the world.  There not only competitions like the Nitro Circus and X Games but there are even action sports that are making their way into the Olympics. sports are now becoming a thriving industry.

When it comes to winter sports, we know sports  like snowboarding ,where a lot of the money are spent to maintain this. Many large corporations have started sponsoring winter sports events. There are not only large companies, but they continue to grow. Whereas skiing was just a thing for the upper class, it has not spawned its own subculture of younger individuals who want to go big.

Deciding which snowboard to buy can be a pretty daunting choose, most especially with the wide variety of choices being offered in the market these days. Selection can be also confusing because of the different factors such as board graphics, enticing advertisements, technology and the like. What are the best snowboard brands to look for, you may ask…us !

For your help, we draw out from these top 5 snowboard brands and evaluate which one offers you great quality snowboards that best fit your riding preferences.

5. Forum – Revenue: $12 Million

Forum Snowboards earned a place on this list for helping snowboarding to the place it in the modern winter sports culture. Forum created some of the most widely used outerwear that was worn not only by snowboarders, but by skiers as well. Forum is playing a big part in the winter style that skier wear now and they were one of the first well-accepted in the snowboarding clothing lines.

The Biggest Snowboard Companies Biggest Snowboard Companies in the World
The Biggest Snowboard Companies-Forum

4. K2 – Snowboarding Revenue: $36 Million

K2 is a giant sports company that has been around for over 50 years. They produce skis, scooters, rollerblades and outerwear. It has been said by many snowboarders that K2 isn’t with it when it comes to current trends in riding, but even if that is true, you can’t argue with the more than $30 million dollars in revenue the company has pulled in from their snowboarding division alone. K2 snowboards are perfect for beginners, or for those that want to go with a bigger company that offers a great warranty program.

Biggest Snowboard Companies in the World
The Biggest Snowboard Companies-K2

3. Burton – Revenue: $100 Million

Burton is definitely one of the biggest snowboarding companies of all time. Since the beginning, they have been behind some of the best technologies on the market and also on the top of the best snowboarding boards,hardware  and bindings, but snowboarding outerwear as well. Much of the company’s revenue comes from their clothing line. Still, though the clothing is where Burton makes its money, it is behind some of the best boards and bindings on the market.

Biggest Snowboard Companies in the World
The Biggest Snowboard Companies-Burton

2. Volcom – Revenue: $332 Million

Volcom is most famous for the clothing line that has been created when they came into the market. Recently they decided to start making snowboards, but the Volcom name allowed it to quickly become one of the leaders in the snowboard industry. Their boards are on the top of the boards in the game, and it is easy to see why, the boards offering a high-quality ans stylish ride for snowboarders looking for something functional.

Biggest Snowboard Companies in the World
The Biggest Snowboard Companies-Volcom

1. DC – Snowboarding Revenue: $498 Million

DC shoes began in 1993, and soon became one of the top brands in the world of action sports.  Now it is a multi billion dollar per year company. DC made nearly half a billion dollars in revenue in the 2012 snowboarding season alone. They have been on top in the snowboarding market place for a lot of time, with their line of snowboarding boots a huge part of their income, and have been able to capture a huge part of the snowboarding market.

DC is quite easily one of the worlds largest action sports companies, which has bled into the snowboarding world. They are one of the largest snowboarding companies in the world, due to their strong marketing campaigns.

Biggest Snowboard Companies in the World
The Biggest Snowboard Companies-DC

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