Blake Lively- Fashion Style Icon

4 December 2013

Blake Lively- Fashion Style Icon

Let’s take a look at  Blake Lively -Fashion Style Icon.

Blake Christina Lively, actress, 26 years old. Known from her role in Gossip Girl as Serena van der Woodsen a stylish elite girl from Manhattan, she grown up to be one of the best dressed female celebrities.

The role of Serena helped her career but also her style and personality. She dresses herself and somehow she manages to pull amazing looks anytime she is out on the view and/or the red carpet.

Blake Lively- Fashion Style Icon

Some of us know Blake for her acting, but for a lot of us she is known for her impeccable style. Blake Lively -Fashion Style Icon in our eyes, the young ladies who admire her.

Victoria’s Secret unveiled this year’s list of the world’s sexiest women and Blake was named “Sexiest Legs”.

In 2009 she managed to amaze us when she choose a blue dress with large cleavage and a nice cut on her left leg.

Between her choices you may find she is wearing Versace, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Lorraine Schwartz, Mr. Lagerfeld and many more.

You can describe Blake’s style by saying is summed up as bohemian and old-Hollywood glam. She always feels the need to show us her long and amazing legs.

Did you know she is Karl Lagerfeld’s muse? And in 2011 she was his plus one on the Collection Croisiere launch.

Remember the white dress she wore at the premier of Green Lantern? Well, she looked amazing and she was one of the attractions of the night.

Blake Lively- Fashion Style Icon

Haven’t figure it out yet if Blake Lively is Fashion Style Icon? Take a look at these pictures and maybe they will help you decide.

Blake Lively- Fashion Style IconBlake Lively- Fashion Style Icon

With her many appearances on the cover of many magazines she succeed to make herself known and be in the top of the best dressed female actress in the world. Plus she was the image of many companies such as Chanel and she has her own perfume by Gucci Premiere.

But boys isn’t she gorgeous ? Her colleague from the movie Green Lantern, the actor Ryan Reynolds noticed that and married her in 2012.

Blake Lively- Fashion Style Icon

She is always showing us her elegance, wearing stylish outfits and until now she hasn’t disappointed us.

Want to know a little secret about her when she is on the red carpet and the photographers  take  her pictures? She always posses like a lady, with one arm on her hips and one leg in front of another.

Why? ‘Cause that is the way she puts value on her amazing legs and she is always managing “to kill” the pictures she is in.

Blake Lively- Fashion Style Icon

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