15 Things Bougie Rich People Like

7 July 2021

Being Bougie Is a Lifestyle. Find Out What Bougie Rich People Are into These Days.

There are 2 kinds of bougie. Bougie with a G is all farmers markets, private school and avo toast. Boujee with a J like what Migos’ raps about, is Louis Vuitton and bottle service. But just to be clear, today we’re taking a dig at the Bougie-G’s and their Whole Foods lifestyle.

Most Aluxers enjoy these things too, but it’s HOW the bougie rich parade their wealth that makes it onto this list.

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Reading a long boring article is a very non bougie thing to do. Switch over to the super cool video version of this article:

With that said, let’s look at 15 Things Bougie Rich People Like.



How do you know someone’s just drank kombucha? Don’t worry, they will tell you. It’s like if you drink Kombucha in the forest and no one is around to see you, did you even drink it?

If you haven’t been witness to a lecture on the healing properties of Kombucha let’s bring you up to speed. It’s a black tea with sugar and yeast added. It’s left to ferment and after a while it becomes a sparkling drink with a skin on top called a SCOBY. You can then use this lathery skin to make more Kombucha. It’s meant to cure everything from flatulence to baldness, but there isn’t a ton of scientific proof.

Either way, bougie folk love the stuff, and drink the fizzy broth and of course, tell you all about it.



If you want to sell to the bougie crowd, stick a black and white logo on a simple food item and call it artisanal. Pickled onions, tea, fudge, bagels, bread, cheese or beer.

Trust us, a black and white logo, and artisanal in the description and they will come buying.

Speaking of artisanal, we mentioned it in our video 15 Things You Didn’t Know About the Hipster-Economy, be sure to check it out.


Small Local Designers

One thing we love about the bougie is they support local and up and coming brands. Local designers, crafters and well…artisans are all beloved by the bougie.

The less overt the branding, and more eco-conscious the sourcing of cotton the better. For this we can’t fault them. Its fantastic for creating more future billionaires.

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Forget the staghorn fern, the new obsession with the bougie movers and shakers is succulents. The more water conscious, the better. You basically can’t kill these suckers, and you can make a new plant just by dropping a leaf of the parent plant into a patch of soil.

Taking perfectly good drinking water and throwing it on the ground to water plants that don’t belong in the climate is a bit dumb, so we back succulent owning 100% as long as they are legally sourced and shipped.


Dressing 90s

No one has embraced the current 90s reboot quite like the bougies have. Mom jeans and middle paths abound, as trust fund kids mask up and hit the best clubs and fanciest restaurants. Once there, the only goal is to look bored and dissatisfied, and like you go here all the time.

Only upper middle-class people could dress that sloppy and still get into a place like Catch.


Nettle Tea

Don’t ask for tea if you’re not into bougie things yourself. If you do, you’ll get yourself served with a green leaf floating in hot water. Bougie rich people love leafy tea. One of the favourite varieties is Nettle Tea. That’s right, the weed that stung your shins as a kid. That nettle.

It’s believed to have a ton of health benefits, but it certainly doesn’t make for a socially satisfying setting when catching up with a friend over a cuppa. Nettle tea, you can keep it!

Talking of tea made from garden variety weeds. Let’s look at the bougie past time of foraging.



Bougie peeps take special pride in having the money to buy anything their hearts desire at the supermarket, but instead of that, they rather go and forage like their forefathers. This modern hunter gathering in its urban equivalent, involves anything from berry picking to finding wild greens or seeking out questionably safe mushrooms.

Of course, no forage is complete with out a homely high angle snap of a basket or bread-board full of your find for the ‘gram. Because like Kombucha, if you don’t post about it, is it even worth doing?



The only thing that bougie people like more than documentaries is telling you about them. If they saw the latest experimental doccie on an obscure subject matter or person, you can be sure you will know about it.

If you don’t immediately agree to watch it, you’re in for a scene-by-scene breakdown of the entire film in what can only be described as an endless podcast version of a film you didn’t want to watch in the first place.

If you love documentaries, don’t forget to check out 12 Documentaries For Those Who Question Everything.


The Latest Yoga

The bougie rich are always onto the next trend, and nothing can be truer when it comes to the endless varieties of yoga. The moment you finally roll out your yoga mat and sign up for the class they recommended was life changing, they will have ditched that and be onto the next trending yoga technique. It’s near impossible to keep up, all you can hope that like the 90s, the yoga you’re currently doing might come back into style again.


Unpaid Internships

Nothing says I got money like working without getting paid. Only the Bougie elite can afford to sign up for a job that pays nothing. We agree that getting experience wherever you can is important. It’s only the combination of drinking nut milk, watching documentaries and working for no money that makes this offensive!  


Holidays in Eco-hotels

The bougie rich love to jet set with the entire family including beanie and Van wearing toddlers and hit-up an eco-lodge. Southeast Asia is a particularly favourite destination where activities can range from surfing and kayaking to foraging.

We’re all about the eco-hotel life, and travel, so we can get behind this one. Also, we appreciate the fact that activities like elephant back riding are being ditched for educational tours on local culture.

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The Class – Fitness, NYC

The more exclusive the fitness class you attend, the better. Boutique gyms are the be all and end all of bougie active living. And if someone low key cool like Anna Faris is in your class but you don’t care, then all the better.

The Class Fitness in New York is next level bougie. This isn’t your usual warehouse turned CrossFit, this is crystals, marble, candlelight and gemstones charged with energy. The locker rooms are complete with bath products by Onda Beauty and Chanel. And you can let everyone know where you gym with The Class’s own jewellery collection.


Arts Degrees

We’re not knocking art, but we can all agree that nothing says I’ve got money to fall back on like studying a broad art degree at an Ivy League university without a bursary.

It’s the ultimate canon fodder to spark an intellectual conversation at a dinner party as you casually slip the name of your university into the discussion. Such as “Interestingly at my visual arts lecturer at Princeton once said…” or “like my professor in Greek Mythology at Oxford once explained…”

You get the picture. It’s pretty bougie.


Protein from Plants

Nothing says I have made it just above the middle class than meat alternatives. We don’t mean those crumbed boxes of nothing food in the freezer of your supermarket. But rather kelp burgers, mycelium steaks and tofurky slices.

These meat alternatives don’t take the sting out of shopping, rather they cost a fortune. Go environment, but these are just crazy expensive for the average Joe.


Being Something-Intolerant

 It’s hard to toss a rock in a bougie coffee shop and not hit someone with an intolerance. Its part of the bougie territory. You haven’t arrived as a full blown bougie without developing an intolerance to something. Lactose, wheat, nuts, gluten, sunshine, poverty… the ush.

Nothing says ‘I got dolla to burn’ like requiring a gluten or dairy free alternative.


What is the Bougiest thing you do, Aluxers? Come on, be honest, we’re all closet bougie, let’s embrace it.