10 Broke Celebrities whom You May Have Forgotten

23 April 2016

9. Brendan Fraser

10 Celebrities Who are No Longer "Winning" in Life Brendan Fraser
Brendan Fraser | source: mvolve.in

Remember this pretty face from George of The Jungle? Well, he is not living a pretty live anymore. The life of the star of the Mummy Return started to fall apart since his divorce with Afton Smith.

Together they had three children, Griffin, Holden, and Leland. Since the divorce, Brendan is obligated to pay her ex-wife $900,000 a year for child support.

In 2013, he went to a court in Connecticut, asking to reduce the amount of annual child support because of his glooming career. He claimed he had no movie deals that time. Technically, he became one of the broke celebrities.

Since then however, Brendan appeared in some movies and Broadway shows. Although he is trying to get back up, his life is no longer as free as the life of George of The Jungle.

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