This it the New $5.8 Million Bugatti Divo

25 August 2018

Bugatti unveils the new Bugatti Divo Supercar that’s more Bugatti in every way! Price: $5.8 Million

Hello world, meet the new Bugatti Divo. Bugatti Divo, meet the world!

I remember the first time I heard of the Veyron, such an expensive and different car. After several iterations where my fascination for the brand deepened, the brought forth the Chiron.

An automobile that seems as much out of this world on paper as it seemed looking at it on the streets of Monaco.

Calling any of these “cars” is in the same semantic universe as calling fries and a shake a gourmet meal.

These are not cars, because people use cars as a means of transportation. Works of art like the Chiron or Divo are the equivalent of a highly limited edition Richard Mille wrist piece. You don’t buy them to tell time – or in this case, get you to the nearest Starbucks.

The thing is, even if you wanted to buy one and for some miraculous reason you have almost $6 million liquid lying around you won’t be able to.

Bugatti announced that it will only produce 40 Divo Super-Cars and they have already been pre-sold since the concept days. If you’re lucky enough you might see a couple of them on the streets of Dubai. We know that the Sultan of Brunei will get one as well since he has a special relationship with Bugatti where they automatically send him their latest car. That’s the kind of money and political pull you need to have to get yourself one of these beauties.

What does $5.8 million buy you these days, what are the Bugatti Divo Specs?

For that much, you get the iconic eight-liter W16 engine, featuring a power output of 1,500 PS and capable of producing 198 more pounds of downforce in comparison to the Chiron.

If the Chiron was designed with straight lines in mind – actually making it the fastest car in the world – the Divo was created with maneuverability in mind. Not only it is hellish fast, but it can corner like you won’t believe it!

Bugatti Divo top speed: 238 mph (383 km/h)

The model was named after legendary driver, Albert Divo.

Here’s a gallery of the new Bugatti Divo:

Bugatti Divo Alux Bugatti Divo Alux front Bugatti Divo Alux Back Bugatti Divo Alux Side Bugatti Divo Alux Top Bugatti Divo Alux Detail Bugatti Divo Alux Engines Bugatti Divo Alux Interior

If you want to learn more about the Bugatti company, check out our profile on them:

We’re eagerly waiting to see the new Bugatti Divo in action and maybe we’ll get to do an in depth review!