Buying and Maintaining A Luxury Watch Brand

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    When it comes down to luxury watches, if it is too good to be true – it probably is. Repairs By Post are expert watch menders from Manchester UK and have a no-fake policy when it comes to fixing counterfeit timepieces:

    “As a watch repair service with years of experience, we refuse to support the fake watch industry and encourage other watch services to do so also. Expert watch menders will be experienced in fixing genuine brands, however, a replica is often unrepairable.”

    Did you know that 15-30% of internet searches on watches involve customers looking to buy replicas? Those who are looking for this type of watch are not only funding illegal activity but according to the Swiss watch industry, the replica watch market is costing luxury brands billions of pounds each year.

    How to Spot A Fake Watch

    Inscription: Each watch brand is different; however, it is recommended that you make sure that the brand name is inscribed onto your new time piece. For Cartier, this can be found on the movement. Logos are a general give away when it comes to counterfeit goods, therefore when you are buying a watch, ask if you can look closely at its design. Any watch retailer should not hesitate to let you inspect it.

    Serial Number: Similarly, all luxury watches should have their serial number attached. The authenticity of this can be checked usually on the side or back of your watch.

    The Finer Details: Watch brands all have something that makes their brand special, therefore it is recommended that you so some research before going ahead with a purchase. An example of this is the Cabachon Stone which would feature on the winder of a legitimate Cartier watch.

    Weight: Weight is also a tell-tale sign of legitimately. Fake Rolex watches are generally lighter, and in comparison, a real Rolex which is made of high-quality metals will weigh significantly more.

    The Real Replica Watch World

    If you are tricked into buying a replica watch and it does break, there is a chance that it may stop working completely. In comparison to a brand with hundreds of years of experience, replica watches are not built with the same quality. Those who do choose to spend their money on a second rate watch that has no warranty and no return agreement will have to face that consequence.

    The fake watch market may seem harmless to those who are looking for a cheap alternative however, their purchase is much more significant and will contribute to funding organised crime. Fake goods are just one wat of involving yourself in major organised crime as it links to other activities such as; drugs, prostitution and human trafficking.

    Vintage Watch Restoration

    Can all watches be fixed? If you have timepiece which is wasting away at home, Repairs By Post urge you to send it their way. Many of their customers have an attachment to their vintage timepieces and although technology may be changing the way millennials are wearing watches, those who do invest in luxury mechanical watches, see the smart watch trend as a phase.

    When sending your watch away for vintage watch restoration, ensure that it is sent to a professional horologist. Any watch servicing of this level requires exact precision from a master watch mender that has the experience and knowledge of the luxury watch market. Finding an expert horologist is easier than ever with online watch repair. Once you have sent your watch away for a service they will be able to inform you what parts needed amended before going ahead with the repair.

    Vintage timepieces are not only incredibly stylish but they are a signature piece for any gentleman with a keen eye for fashion. For vintage timepieces a full service can be completed, making sure that the inside of your timepiece is just as healthy as it is on the outside.

    Watch Brands to Invest In

    If you are purchasing a new timepiece it is advised to go with an innovative brand with experience behind them. TAG Heuer is a great example of this and has been creating watches for over 150 years. This is one brand that has broken the boundaries of watch conventions in traditional Swiss watchmaking.

    Investing in a traditional timepiece will offer you so much more than time telling and will act as an extension of your personality. A gentleman’s watch can make a bold statement about their status without even saying a world.

    Not only are luxury brands made with long lasting craftsmanship, but prestigious watches like Rolexes act as precious heirlooms, that can be passed down for generations. Keep in mind next time that you look at your luxury that no shortcuts taken into the construction of your watch.  In modern society, we are surrounded by pieces of mass produced technology that can easily be replaced, however, this often not the case when it comes to a limited edition piece of wrist wear.

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